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Authentic Sales

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What is Authentic Sales?

Authentic sales is about helping millennials, women and first-time sellers find the professional selling style that best suits their innate personal qualities.  Through speaking, workshops and mastermind coaching I help sellers opt-in to and stay-in a very rewarding sales career.  Sales is a skill that needs to be crafted and honed so my method focuses on recommending immediately applicable tactics based on real-world experiences and research.  


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Lindsay has a masterful way of captivating an audience with her authenticity. By sharing her experiences in an honest and vulnerable way she is able to inspire any audience and make them feel part of her journey. I highly recommend Lindsay for any audience or engagement.
— Julie Zuzek, The Corporate Yogi
Lindsay’s sales coaching style is an excellent balance between motivator and problem solver. Her ability to keep teams focused on major KPIs yet allowing them enough freedom to be creative in their approach really make her stand out. Her analytical mindset helps reps navigate complex sales cycles and get to the core decision making factors quickly.
— HUSSAIN JESSANI, Sales Specialist at Tesa Tape


MY Committment

You can exceed quota without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics.  In fact, I'd assert that being your authentic self can actually help you win more sales.  I'll help you and your sales organization define the line between effective and sleazy sales tactics.  We'll do this by taking a personalized approach to determine what works for each of them.  



About Me


When I first graduated from university with an undergrad in mechanical engineering, against all odds I found myself considering a sales position.  10+ years and 10+ roles later I've crafted a very successful career in sales & marketing by playing to my strengths while also challenging myself to grow personally.  Having seen many peers 'opt-out' of sales after their first foray, I strive to inspire and motivate others to pursue sales in a way that feels authentic to them.