Intro to Authentic Sales

Sales.  You either love it or you hate it.  I love it...most days...

Some say, you're either born with it or you're not.  I disagree.  Wholeheartedly... 

There's a myth out there in the professional community about what the best Sales Reps look like and I'll tell you right now that it's mostly BS.  I feel there's a need for a voice to accurately depict what it's really like to be a Sales Rep.  I've had so many new reps come to me after a few months of being in sales and humbly admit to what a significant adjustment it's been.  No one expects it to be easy...but most don't expect it to be such a mystery either.  After almost a decade of being in sales, I can still relate to the anxiousness I felt making my first cold-call, the frustration and disappointment I felt when I couldn't figure out how to get the next appointment or the resignation I felt after realizing just exactly how long it took to get used to hearing the word 'no' (p.s. I'm still not used to it).  These are things we're led to believe the 'traditional' or 'natural' sales rep would not experience and that's just. plain. wrong.


There are many blogs/resources/articles out there focused on improving sales force productivity by 300% in 2 weeks, motivating reps to input prospect changes into your CRM (hint: hire robots) or 1001 ways to craft the perfect cold-email.  While those blogs are useful and interesting (I read them ALL), I will not attempt to replicate them here.  This blog focuses on the things we don't talk about as Sales Reps.  The trials, tribulations and sacrifices it truly takes to bring home an account.  I'll talk about the highest highs that come with sales success but will also not shy away from the lows.


This is a tricky profession to navigate, especially when or if you're being told to behave in ways that aren't natural to your personality because conventional wisdom tells us 'that's how we WIN'.  People are always saying that sales can't be taught (I disagree...again...shocker...).  What I believe is that to be truly great at sales you have to find the confidence and self-awareness necessary to be able to figure out and execute on what works for you.


I have four goals for this blog that I will strive to centre my writing around:

1)  Talk about the REAL challenges reps face daily (besides making quotas…).

2)  Debunk myths of the ‘traditional Sales Rep’ and elevate the perception of the profession.

3)  Share my personal experiences and stories navigating the very grey business of revenue generation in the hopes that others will benefit...or at least get a laugh.

4)  Collect interesting and relevant blog posts from the online sales community.


A few caveats: my opinions are just that...opinions, based on my observations cultivating a career in sales.  I would encourage you to disagree (politely of course...) and debate my truth on these issues - listening to the perspective of others is invaluable to me.  Also, I'd like to have guest contributors, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have something to say!


I'm looking forward to this...hope you are too...