Mediating Deals in Sales

Often sales reps find themselves in a position where they have to mediate between their company and their customers.  This can be a tricky place to be especially when you want to represent your customers views but also protect your company's bottom line.  Here are my tips this week for finding compromise between the two...

Also...note to self...find a less-windy place to record...


1)  Set a common goal that aligns incentives between you and your customers.  It could be growing share, volume or customer retention but make sure it's a goal that you both can get behind.

2)  When making decisions, whether they are big or small, always test them against your common goal.  Does this decision support or detract from the goal?

3) Make a list of the things you're willing to compromise on and the things that you aren't.  Where can you 'give' in order to 'get' somewhere else?

Lindsay LacknerComment